UNITED AGAINST COVID AND UNITED TO SHARE WITH “AKRINDO” Distributes Assistance to Affected Residents of Covid -19

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Focusflash.id “AKRINDO (Indonesian Online Kabar Alliance) is also a cyber media that has 120 media members throughout Indonesia and has secretariat in 27 provinces throughout Indonesia.

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The media is also at the forefront of reporting, prevention socialization in covid handling 19.

Chairman of the DPP Akrindo Drs. Maripin Munthe said in his remarks that “every member of the Central and regional AKRINDOs is obliged to set aside a portion of their profits to our brothers – our brothers and sisters affected by the co-19 pandemic.

Because life is not perfect, let others share.


He conveyed during the nine-day basic food-sharing event in Cikupa, Tangerang Regency Saturday / 16 05/2020 with the theme “LET’S SHARE WITH AKRINDO”

to lighten the burden of life for our friends who were affected by co-19.


And the target was residents who were laid off and also construction workers who stopped during the covid pandemic 19


For the City of Tangerang, the target is the pedicab drivers who have experienced a substantial income decline due to the reduced number of residents in the new leo area of Karang Sari Neglasari.


The event was also attended by several media representatives.


Mr. Jefri from Media Nusantara News, Mr. Frengki Manuputty from Media Suararepublik News, Ms. Margareth from Focus Flas media and myself, a representative from Transone media. (Dorhan Marbun)


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